A Divorce Coach is a specially trained divorce professional who takes you from where you are now, and helps you get to where you want to be once your divorce is over.


A Coparenting Coach helps parents learn new strategies for communicating about the children, set new and different boundaries with each other, establish a narrative for the children that helps them preserve their good memories of the family, and create new protocols for working together in the future.

Jenni provides coaching services to individuals and couples who have specific issues related to parenting, divorce, post-divorce, and high-conflict relationships. 

Who is coaching for?

Coaching is appropriate for people who:

a) already have a good therapist and want some additional practical strategies for dealing with a specific issue

b) don't have a therapist, but aren't dealing with anxiety or depression symptoms related to the specific issue

What happens in a coaching session?

Typically, the first session is to gather information and to generate priorities. Other sessions are generally focused on determining and implementing strategies related to the specific issue.

Costs/session options:

Coaching with Jenni is $155/hour. Sessions can be in-person, phone, or video conference. Phone calls or emails (not related to scheduling) may be charged at $38.75 for every 15 minutes. Additional fees apply for court appearances and are included in the informed consent.