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Say goodbye to your struggles and "Well, hello there!" to new ways of feeling better.

All therapists at TouchingTrees are seeing clients in person and virtually. 


Welcome to TouchingTrees

When my grandmother told me about her great-grandmother, I knew that it was a story that would resonate with me for the rest of my life. She told me that my great-grandmother made a point of touching each of the trees on her farm before the family left the homestead.

I see "touching trees" as a way to say goodbye with honor to our struggles, and also as a way to be present in saying hello to new opportunities. "Touching trees" in therapy means seeking deeper meaning in our actions and taking greater pride in our strengths.

My role in your life is to help you understand the "trees" (the people, the situations, the decisions, and the moments of time) 
that have been part of your journey and to help you invite your next trees to take root.



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Meet Jenni McBride McNamara

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Jenni specializes in issues related to high-conflict or stressful relationships and situations. She is the developer of High Conflict Relationships: Rescue, Recovery, and Restoration.

"I could almost feel the bark under my own fingers, maybe oak or maybe maple, each tree unique -- each tree there long before her time and each tree there, serving as a witness to her life, after she left."

Jenni, from her book Touching the Trees


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