The TouchingTrees Story

"I could almost feel the bark under my own fingers, maybe oak or maybe maple, each tree unique -- each tree there long before her time and each tree there, serving as a witness to her life, after she left."


When my grandmother told me about her great-grandmother, I knew that it was a story that would resonate with me for the rest of my life. She told me that my great-grandmother made a point of touching each of the trees on her farm before the family left the homestead.

I see "touching trees" as a way to say goodbye with honor to our struggles, and also as a way to be present in saying hello to new opportunities. "Touching trees" in therapy means seeking deeper meaning in our actions and taking greater pride in our strengths.

I would be happy to help you find the "trees" (the people, the situations, the decisions, and the moments of time) that have been part of your journey and those that are yet to come.

My therapeutic orientation

I believe that the client's needs determine the type of therapy we do together. Generally, I like to integrate systemic, structural, strategic, solution-focused, psychoanalytic, and narrative therapies. I also seek opportunities to further my skill and training in those, plus other, types of therapy.


Next visits

Depending on your needs, we will work together to figure out the patterns that are getting or keeping you stuck. We will also work together to create a plan to make the most of our time together.


First Sessions

At our initial meeting, I will ask you to share with me what brought you to the point where you're seeking help. We will also go over the informed consent so you know your rights as a client and my responsibilities as your therapist.


Experience and Focus

I am dedicated to helping individuals, as well as their partners and families, reduce or eliminate stress from an Everlasting Divorce. 

My approach includes looking at the ways you are feeling "stuck" through emotional, physical, and financial attachment to your ex-partner. From there, we work together to understand how you got to where you are, why you are motivated to change now, and how you can achieve your personal goals. Those goals may include goals related to parenting, to partnering, or to growing into a more authentic identity.