Most therapists work on a 50-minute hour. At TTCRS, your session will be the full 60-minutes.

There are several different types of therapy we can do together.

Individual Therapy

This type of therapy involves meeting one-on-one in the office. Sessions can be 30, 45, or 60 minutes long. We can meet weekly (or more frequently as necessary), bi-weekly, or monthly.

I do not offer play therapy at this time, so individual clients must be at least 12 years old.

In order to best meet your needs, I offer several different options for session lengths. Please note that Discernment Counseling has its own session lengths.

Couples Therapy

Couples don't have to be on the brink of divorce to seek help for their relationship. In fact, many couples benefit from meeting with a therapist early in their relationship in order to prevent issues down the line. Couples therapy involves the three of us meeting for 60 minutes. We can meet weekly (or more frequently), bi-weekly, or monthly. 

Discernment Counseling (DC) is for couples who are trying to decide if they want to try couples therapy or they want to separate. This is a specialized type of counseling that is short-term (1-5 sessions) and involves individual time with the therapist within the framework of the couple session. DC involves two 20-30 minutes phone calls (1 with each partner), followed by an initial session that lasts about 2-2.25 hour. Follow-up sessions, if needed, are 90 minutes each.

Thirty or 45 minutes might seem like a short amount of time, but if that's what you have over lunchtime or between other obligations, let's make it work!

1  30 Minutes/45 Minutes

2  60 Minutes

With families, ninety minutes will give us enough time to hear from everyone and really get into the issues at hand.

3  90 Minutes


Family Therapy

Family therapy involves more than just an individual or a couple. Often, family therapy will involve more than one generation. This might mean you and your children/stepchildren, you and your parents/siblings, or you and other members of your family of origin or creation. As a group, we can decide if it's best to meet in the office or at your home. Sessions can be 60-90 minutes long.

  The office.

My office is conveniently located near St. Paul's Central Station and is also accessible by many different skyways, depending on where you park.

Group Therapy

From time to time I will offer group therapy on a particular topic (for instance, group therapy for post-divorce issues). I may also offer general group therapy, called "process" therapy, whose session topics are decided by the group.

Your home.

In-home sessions are available for families with prior agreement. In-home sessions have an additional fee.