Mediation and Parenting Consulting Services

Jenni is a Qualified Neutral under Rule 114 in the State of Minnesota. As such, she is available to provide facilitative mediation for divorce, child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, post-decree issues, blended family issues, and other family-related concerns. She is also trained in Parenting Consulting in Minnesota and is available to be your PC for disagreements between parents.


Mediation is done in 2-hour sessions. The first session includes meeting with the partners together or separately (at the beginning), signing mediation agreements, and setting an agenda of issues to be mediated.

Mediation clients are encouraged to bring attorneys to mediation if they are represented. This can help clients get real-time legal advice and make the process go more smoothly.

Although Jenni is a therapist, she does not provide therapy services or legal advice during mediation. If those services become necessary, referrals will be given.


Parenting Consulting is for families that have difficulty interpreting their decree in the same way and/or easily reach impasses when attempting to solve problems for their kids. The PC process is unique to each family, but starts with in-person meetings to learn the history of the case, sign paperwork, and developed a scope of involvement. Having a PC helps reduce expenses by reducing time in court. Having a PC also helps families get solutions quicker than waiting for court dates.

For more information about mediation or PC involvement, please contact Jenni by email at