Integrative Transition Therapy (ITT) is a model of therapy designed by Jenni that focuses on the "hot spots" of the divorce and how best to provide therapeutic services at those times.

Starting with a specially-designed intake form, as well as an in-person interview, ITT provides clients with a customized assessment of their situation. This assessment highlights potential needs in three main areas: emotional health, financial stability and security, and legal protections. 

Once a client has received her or his assessment, ITT allows for targeted interventions by therapists, attorneys, and financial analysts. The divorce professionals' involvement meets the clients' needs based on the previously-identified issues and the "phase" of the process in which the client currently is.

This therapeutic approach takes into account client needs, the family system's needs, the development of the process, the influence of divorce professionals, and the client's hopes for the future. 

In other words, it creates a system that provides wrap-around support to families during the divorce process while staying focused on the future.

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Integrative Transition Therapy