Payment is due at time of service. To schedule your session, please email or call 612-888-2522.



TTCRS does not take insurance payments for services, so all services may be paid by cash, cashier’s check, personal check, or credit card. Fees are payable at the time of service. Below is our fee schedule. Additional information is found in the Informed Consent.

TTCRS reserves the right to change any part of this section with a 30-day notice to clients.

$150—in-office therapy session (60 minutes)

$150—in-office couple therapy session (60 minutes)

$150—in-office family therapy sessions (60 minutes)

$300—Discernment Counseling intake session (2 hours plus phone calls)

$225—Discernment Counseling sessions (90 minutes)

$200--Mediation (60 minutes)

$225--Parenting Consulting (60 minutes). Parenting consulting has an additional fee agreement that covers deposits, administrative time, etc.

$300+/hour, prorated – legal involvement, including testifying in court, meeting with attorneys, and other activities related to being subpoenaed or a legal proceeding

Sometimes clients find that we need a little more time for a session. Appointments that run over the amount of time scheduled will be charged in 15-minute increments.

TTCRS accepts cash, check, and credit card payment.
All payments are due at time of service. 
At times, TTCRS has low-fee appointments available
through Open Path.