Everlasting Divorce

What is an Everlasting Divorce and are you in one?

An Everlasting Divorce is a state of stress, anxiety, confusion, anger, and conflict that is a product of your divorce and has lasted three or more years after the papers were signed.

An Everlasting Divorce can be caused by several things:

* Custody issues

* Financial ties

* Emotional entanglement

* A personality disorder on at least one partner's part

* Inadequate pre- and during-divorce support

* Close proximity

* Continued provocation

* Excessive court involvement

Do any of those sound familiar??

Another hallmark of an Everlasting Divorce is that you're feeling isolated from friends and family -- after all, they tell you, you should be over it by now!

What YOU know, though, is that you can't just "get over it" when the conflict is real, stress-inducing, and never-ending...or EVERLASTING.

BUT THERE IS GOOD NEWS! (Of course, right?)

Through a combination of looking at the current situation and your future goals, as well as your strengths and resiliency, you can find a way to navigate through the Everlasting Divorce and into an Inspired Identity.

Sound too good to be true? It might be...if you're unwilling right now to change the relational patterns you have with your ex. But, I think that if you're here, reading this, you ARE ready and you ARE willing to make those changes. 

And guess what? Those changes don't even have to be BIG! 

Your first step is to take the Everlasting Divorce Survey at the top of the page. Then, I will send you my personalized assessment of your results, as well as tips and strategies to help you start to feel better. 

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